Gunshots ring across Montgomery High School during the night all the students have been waiting for - Prom.

Prom Nightmare is a self facilitated murder mystery that can be played virtually or face to face for groups of 4 to 14 people.

Fun, fun, fun, all night long! This murder mystery game had me and my friends masking chuckles in between rounds!

— GEN L.

Prom Night-mare is the perfect game for small teams looking for something to take their minds of work.


Someone's Gonna Die in Montgomery High

It’s the night everyone at Montgomery High School has been waiting for— prom night. Everyone’s in their best attires and ready to party the night away! But late in the evening, a shot rings through the school grounds. Someone has been killed in Principal Boyd Haywood’s office and the police are here to find out who did it. Was it the school jock or the gym teacher with a past? Could it have been the cheerleader or the glee club president?

How To Play the Game

Step 1.

Purchase one access code of this game.

Step 2.

Invite your team, family, or friends to a virtual or face-to-face murder mystery party.

Step 3.

Play the game together and have a night filled with fun and mystery!

What's Included in the game?

  • Character Guide (14 Players)

  • Host Guide for 4-14 Players

  • Detective Guide

  • Audio Playback Files

  • Evidence Files

  • Ballot Guide, Invitation, Costume Guide

  • And all you need for a night of mystery and fun!

This was a great game. All my friends said that they never thought a Zoom party could be this much fun!

— Harry J.

If you're worried 'Prom Night-mare' might not be worth it, prepare to be soooo wrong! Definitely five stars for me.

— Gertrude R.

How Much is The Game?


So that's just $3.50 per person for a night of endless fun! You and your team, friends, or family can also use the game multiple times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many players can the game accommodate?

You can have anywhere between 4 to 14 players in every round.

  • Can I play this game offline?

This game can be played both virtually and face-to-face. There are also clear instructions for each scenario within the game's host guide.

  • How many players can the game accommodate?

This game works with almost all kinds of video conferencing tools, including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams and so on. Just as long as you have the capacity of time to play it.

  • How long does the game last?

It depends on how many players there are. But with the maximum number of players (14), the game could fill one whole evening of fun and games.

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We recommend a team of 4-14 people for this game.
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Thank you, and have fun!